Be prepared to be amazed by the choices.. Montreal

You need a filmING location in particular, if it exists in Montreal, our team will find it.

Montreal Filming Locations

The city of Montreal and the greater metropolitan area constitute the region with the most production in Quebec. The major Montreal studios, the choice of filming location and the mobility of technicians make it a privileged location for many productions.


Our crew of location manager and location scout are passionate about Montreal and taking up a challenge is not a problem for them, on the contrary, if the location exists in Montreal we will find it and thanks to our database and our network of contacts across Quebec, we are able to work miracles.


Montreal is a modern and cosmopolitan city, with a wide variety of attractions, places to relax, hotels and Museums. During the rest days, you can take the time to discover the city and appreciate Montreal, here is the website of the Montreal tourist agency.